Fee Refund Policy for RuPay Card

  1. Fees once paid are refundable as per school policies but are not transferable.
  2. All refund requests must be submitted by the student/parents in writing addressed to the Principal, in person, by regular mail, or by email. The Principal shall acknowledge the receipt of the same. Telephone messages are NOT acceptable.
  3. All dues need to be paid in order for the formalities of withdrawal to be completed.
  4. The fee refund is solely based on the balance amount in the student’s account after all applicable dues owed to the school are deducted. Discounts or concessions provided, may be void and may not apply upon withdrawal.
  5. The excess payment received through technical or other reasons will be refunded only after due verification and/or within 30 days after receipt of written complaint by the parent/student.
  6. The mode of refund will be electronic/ physical and will be refunded in the account from where the transaction was made.
  7. The parents/students need to pay the payment gateway processing/convenience charges over and above the fees/dues payable to the school.
  8. Service tax rate applicable will be as notified by the Government from time to time will also be added to the charges payable to the online payment gateway.
  9. The net amount refunded will be after deduction of transaction processing charges paid to the online payment gateway.
  10. No interest is paid on a refund of any fees/deposit.
  11. Student should contact school authorities first, regarding any excess or double payment made by them.
  12. The refund of any fee is subject to the refund policy prevailing at the time of seeking a refund.
  13. The School reserves the right to modify and amend refund policies at any time by uploading the same on the school’s website.
  14. All disputes are subject to the legal jurisdiction of Mumbai District, Maharashtra (India).